Friday, January 8, 2010

Huerto Hurtado FOR SALE

An inspiring piece of land just outside the village is Huerto Hurtado. With 1763 square meters and two minutes walk from the village square it has six terraces with beautiful dry stone walling and a large variety of fruit trees: orange, avocado, lemon, pomegranate, olive and almond trees plus 30 vine trees bordering on all the terraces.
Ideal for growing your own vegetables and building a small cortijo-house to enjoy all year round.

Price: 20.000 euros REDUCED PRICE

Orange Grove

Olive trees


  1. hi nice to see you there and welcome to blogland !

  2. Hello,
    I thought I would follow you as you live exactly where I dream of being. We know Granada and it's surrounding area and love it.

    I wish I could buy your land, but it's not possible for about 18months.
    Will a one Euro deposit secure it Ha ha!!!!!

    Seriously I look forward to following you.

    Much love

  3. Oh my goodness...I want to buy this!!!! That must be heaven on earth! I would love to grow my own fruits and vegetables! Thanks for visiting me! I'm glad I found you and will be back soon!